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Grass & Lawn Installation

     A lawn in one’s yard will always be popular. Soothing and attractive to the eye, an ideal play surface for family and pets. Common sense restrictions have been introduced by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Where grass is installed it should be used, and not be merely decorative.

There is a common saying “you will get exactly what you pay for” and never was this more true than when installing grass. A lawn in one’s yard will always be popular. 


Grass Installation - Example:

Two different landscapers installed a similar area of lawn at two different houses. They looked identical in appearance and size.

Homeowner A paid twice as much as Homeowner B. Homeowner B is extremely pleased as he got the same job for half the price.

Two years later, after following identical care programs of irrigation and maintenance, B is extremely unhappy. There are large dead patches all over his lawn, and despite aeration it is as hard as concrete. Disease, maintenance, fertilization and pets are all blamed. Areas of grass have been repeatedly replaced yet the dead patches have returned. It looks dreadful and is a constant head-ache

A looks out to his children playing on the lush, green lawn. No dead patches. A soft fall for young children. The success of the lawn is completely a result of the installation.

With B trenches were dug with picks, spray heads with two inch pop-ups installed, the plot graded and the sod laid. It was done in half a day. Looked fantastic. Two years later looked dreadful.

With A trenches needed to be excavated with jackhammers, four inch pop-ups installed, tons of top soil introduced (one ton of top soil per hundred and twenty-five square feet of grass), the plot graded and the sod laid. It took two days. Like B it Looked fantastic. Two years later it looked better.


The Reasons Why

· Two inch pop-ups work fine for the first six months, as the sprays reach all areas. After this time the grass will encroach around the sprays and faint dry patches will start to appear. This will get worse as time goes on. The trench for the two inch pop-ups will need to be at least six inches deep, when you take into account the can it is encased in, and the pipe and riser beneath it. The top dirt is relatively easy to dig through, and work is fast.

Four inch pop-ups will work well for the lifetime of the lawn. Four inch pop-ups require a trench of around a foot deep, once the casing and riser and pipe beneath are allowed for. The deeper trenches require a disproportionate amount of more work, as often caliche is hit, large rocks hit, and the undisturbed ground is that much harder. We use jackhammers. Picks could be used, but it would take that much longer again.

· No top soil (or little) was used on B’s residence. Anywhere where rocks are near the surface dead patches would appear. Without the top soil, the grass would have difficulty rooting across the lawn. The ground would become hard.

Whoever you decide to use, ask how much top soil they are bringing in, and what pop-ups they will be using. As stated, when the landscapers drive away, they will look identical, but that wise old sage- ‘time’ - will tell...


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Landscaping Services Las Vegas

Landscaping Designs

      Las Vegas has a very specific eco system. The temperature ranges from the 110s to the lowest recorded temperature of 8 degrees Fahrenheit. On average it rains for less than twenty nine days in a year, and even then the annual total is only 4.5 inches. The only parts of the world that are remotely similar, are Phoenix and regions of Australia

Furthermore, our soils are extremely high in alkalinity and very high in minerals such as Boron. Deposits of calcium carbonate (Caliche) are ubiquitous in the valley and heavy clay soils can cause havoc.With the heavy building in the valley –caches of cement, nails and other non-native building materials are common place.

This all leads to very specific challenges for the landscape designer. Through education at local institutions and hands-on experience Vegascape have learnt and successfully plied their craft. Plant selection, soil amendments and irrigation all play a critical part. If the landscape is to do more than survive, but to thrive and flower and provide years of beauty, then a local expert is required.


At Vegascape, we have provided Garden & Landscapes for all manner of clients.

     Some of our clients are involved in every aspect, some are involved in none. Whatever the level of service you require, we will provide it. It is your home, your special place. Inspiration for your landscape can be found in many places; magazines and books, neighbors and friends’ homes, from the portfolio of the landscape designer. There are regular shows on Nevada Public Radio, or a trip to the local nurseries can help in formulating an idea of what you would like.

The very first step is our on-site meeting. It gives you the chance to interview Vegascape. It gives us the chance to see the location and aspect of the area to be landscaped, check the soil and to discuss whataims and uses you have planned for your new back yard. We take measurements and photographs, if necessary. Most of all we listen.

A preliminary design iscreated, and a second meeting arranged to present and discuss the design, and the foliage and materials selected. The price would also be provided.


If you have not done so already, this would be the time to make sure of our credentials.

And also if we have a contractor’s license.

 We are an accredited member of the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau. We have agreed to abide by their terms which gives our customers added protection, should it ever be needed. We have an A+ rating.

If we are in general agreement, often we will arrange to meet at a local nursery and view selected foliage and materials. If necessary, a final design is rendered and approved.  As well as providing an illustration of the project, it can be submitted to your Homeowner’s Association if necessary.

Not only in the initial meetings and design phase, but all through the installation and afterwards communication is key. If an item is not working as envisaged, simply say. Nothing is set in stone and we are here to work with you, to give you exactly what you want.

Vegascape will provide you with the peace of mind that you have made the right choice.


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Irrigation systemes Landscaping

Irrigation Systems & Installation

     Las Vegas is one of the twenty-first century’s crowning achievements. It demonstrates the American’s ability to work with nature, apply modern science, and create a beautiful city that rises from barren desert sands.

Irrigation provides our daily environment in which we live and breathe. From our sports fields and parks, to palm lined boulevards, the electronically controlled, unseen irrigation makes all this possible.

Vegascape have been a part of the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s ‘Water Smart’ program since its inception in 2004. Since 2004 there has been a vast reduction in water usage in our valley, despite a large population increase.

All our installations comply with their the SNWA requirements. Xeriscape refers to a method of landscape design that minimizes water use. (Xeros is the Greek word for dry), and this is how we irrigate our Las Vegas plants.  A pressure regulator controls the flow of water into the irrigation system, a Y filter prevents small debris from blocking the emitters and finally pressure regulated emitters provide a precise amount of water to the plant. An electronic valve, controlled by an irrigation controller provides hydration to the plants at the ideal time of day for optimum plant benefit and water conservation.

One of the major advantages of Vegascapes’ participation in the program for our clients, is that any advice issued by the SNWA on when to water and any times advised is fully applicable to the system installed in your yard.


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Water Smart Landscaping Las Vegas

Water Smart Contractor

      Vegascape are ‘Water Smart’ contractors and original participants in this very successful program since its introduction in 2004. Despite the large increase in population in the Las Vegas valley, incredibly water consumption has dropped. This pioneering program has proved so successful it is now being imitated by other states, such as Arizona and even Hawaii.

As well as having to regularly attend ‘Water Smart’ classes, Vegascape employees have to demonstrate an understanding of the Xeriscape techniques taught, and design irrigation systems accordingly.

It is a straightforward process. The homeowner wants the rebate for the grass conversion (currently $1.50 per square foot), and the ongoing savings. The water authority wants the conversion to save water. It is a win-win situation.

Firstly, the homeowner must provide an application to the Southern Nevada Authority. They will normally visit the site and ensure the lawn area to be converted complies with their common-sense conditions.


After the go-ahead is given

     A ‘Water-Smart’ contractor is employed to design a yard utilizing the low usage desert plants suggested, by the Water Authority. To comply with the rebate conditions, the plants must cover fifty percent of the converted area at maturity. This is actually a lot less daunting than it sounds. The selected Water Smart Contractor (hopefully Vegascape) will be knowledgeable of the approved foliage.

The plant irrigation system must include a programmable irrigation controller, pressure regulator, Y Filter and pressure compensating emitters. With these we can provide a tightly controlled and highly efficient irrigation system. We optimize the water usage, leading to healthy and attractive plants, low water usage and cost savings to the owner. Previous sod irrigation is removed to ensure it cannot be reconnected in the future.

~ Approved mulch is introduced to complete the conversion.

~ The irrigation controller is programmed to comply with the Southern Nevada Water Authority guidelines for when to water.

~ The homeowner would inform the authority the program is complete, and await final inspection.

~ The check arrives in the mail.


      Often my clients will ask the measurement of the area to be converted. This is especially true, if the area to be converted is not an easy area to measure. It appears, despite having completed the initial inspection, the Southern Nevada Water Authority do not advise how much the rebate will be.

Vegascape will always list what we believe to be the square footage, but the Southern Nevada Water Authority have the final say. We have been led to believe the square footage is calculated using satellite imagery and computer software.

How true this is I cannot confirm, bit I know if you ask ten different landscapers to measure the area you will get ten different answers.


Vegascape Landscaping Las Vegas                          



Vegascape Landscaping Company in Las Vegas designs and constructs exceptional landscaping for residential and commercial properties, specializing in Landscaping, Lawn Installation, and Irrigation Systems.  Vegascape landscaping is a local Nevada Water Smart Contractor.

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